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Tele2 has announced that it is no longer a “hard discounter”, but to raise tariffs until the

Mobile operator Tele2 waives the policy of “hard discount”. This was stated in an interview with RBC CEO Sergey Emdin.

The operator refuses the model of the discounter, but to raise tariffs until.

“The world has changed. We realized that we need a new strategy. What we differed before, already out of date”, he said.

“If earlier we were the operator with the lowest prices, now we want to be an operator for those who do not want to overpay,” he added amdin.

According to him, the Tele2 will not be part of the “big four” and plans to offer “something that no other operators”.

Emdin also promised that “there will be a lot of innovation.” The operator intends to move away from the strategy of “hard discounter” to offer “best price” and provide the subscribers with only Telecom services to create eco-system of partners, which “will meet the daily needs of customers.”

The operator is launching a new advertising campaign. It will reflect the basic principles of the new strategy Tele2 – “Honestly, just, profitable,” said at the presentation. Tele2 will continue to be the operator of the “no asterisks and small print,” explained the company.

“We used to copy competitors’ offers, but they did lower prices. Now we are going to work differently,” said Emdin.

Among the new services launched in the framework of the new strategy, Sergey Emdin called the service “Transfer of balance”. The service is available to subscribers of the tariff line of “Black” and allows you to move to the next month provided for, but unused package minutes for calls, SMS and Internet traffic. However, provided that the subscriber made the required amount for the tariff plan on your phone number. Emdin called the service “an unprecedented step for the Russian market.”

In addition, the operator announced that Moscow will cooperate with the service of online taxi Gettaxi. Subscribers will receive special discounts and bonuses for using the app. Details are not yet known.

The head of the company avoided giving a direct answer to the question, does the company plans to return to profitability by 2018. “Break-even is she is not far off,” said Emdin.

Operator Tele2 operates in Russia since 2003. After the closing of the transaction for creating a new Federal mobile operator through the integration of Tele2 and mobile assets of “Rostelecom” the company operates in 65 regions and serves 38.9 million subscribers. In October 2015, the operator began to provide communication services in 3G and 4G in the Moscow region.

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