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Tele2 and Nokia tested a 5G network

Tele2 and Nokia announced the successful testing technologies of mobile communication 5G. In the tests studied different usage scenarios of the fifth generation networks.

Tele2 and Nokia held a demonstration of the possibilities of mobile technology in the framework of the cooperation agreement, signed in 2016. 5G technology will contribute to the emergence of new applications and services, including in such areas as industrial automation, unmanned fleet management, telemedicine and virtual entertainment.

Tele2 and Nokia are considering several possible usage scenarios of 5G. One of them is robomobile and organization of “smart” movement in the urban environment. The introduction of such systems will reduce the number of road accidents, reduce congestion and reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

5G will provide bandwidth of data channels to 20 GB/s. in Addition, reduced delays, improved safety, reduced energy consumption, lower total cost of ownership.

Another scenario — complex Analytics on the basis of 5G technology to fully automate the surveillance and build an intelligent security perimeter. The system analyzes the trajectory of the objects in the case of detection of suspicious persons or objects immediately alerts the operator. In addition, solutions based on 5G help track the unauthorized appearance of objects forgotten or deliberately left by the perpetrators.

For testing, the company has mobilized equipment AirFrame Nokia (Mobile Edge Computing) and AirScale, which works in the range of 4.5 GHz. The company has used the technology MIMO 8×8 using eight antennas for base and subscriber stations and provided a multistream video transmission.

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