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Teens warned about the dangers of reckless chatting in WhatsApp [video]

Spanish Association of owners and users of social networks Socionautas has launched an awareness campaign to warn about the consequences of thoughtless communication. The project “Think before you share” draws attention to problems that may arise due to the publication of intimate photos.

According to the polls, at risk is 76% of Spanish adolescents aged 11-14 years – so many uses for popular WhatsApp messenger. What starts as a game and trusting messages, can result in a sad way. There is no guarantee that candid shot will not see outsiders.

Since advertising in traditional media is useless to reach a young audience, Socionautas decided to involve the users themselves, notes Sostav. On a special website they can download the image, simulating an intimate selfie. When your friends will get the picture, they will only see a thumbnail – when sending WhatsApp crops images to preview. However, opening the image in full, the recipient will see the full picture: the auditorium and the campaign slogan.

Worked on a project for the Agency Havas Worldwide, photographer mark Sharp and Studio Funciona. Socionautas also encourages everyone to report incidents of blackmail and harassment involving a threat to publish personal content.

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