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Teens love iPhone more than ever before, the study

Analyst firm Piper Jaffray every six months, polls of U.S. residents to find out their consumer preferences. In the new report presents the results of research of preferences of the American tinajero (mean age 16.5 years). In the study, were interviewed 5,500 people, and found that Apple dominates in most “electronic” categories.

During the survey found that 76% of teenagers own a smartphone Apple. The annual growth in this case 7%. A record 81% of respondents indicated that their next smartphone will be iPhone. Last year said 75% of respondents.

“The popularity of Apple products among teenagers continues to grow. 76% of teenagers use the iPhone against 74% a year earlier. We consider the survey results as a positive on the background of the successful sales of the iPhone 7 and expectations of the anniversary of the iPhone (iPhone X)”, – analysts said.

Interest in “smart” watch Apple also continues to grow. 13% of respondents plan to buy Apple Watch in the next six months. The increase compared to the previous year was 2%.

Analysts believe that the high popularity of Apple gadgets is tied not only to a powerful marketing campaign “Apple” giant. A considerable contribution to the victory of the California corporations bring other brands that corny failed the struggle for the loyalty of young minds.

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