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Teenagers sold to a businessman in the U.S., the clay under the guise of iPhone 6

In the US arrested four people who managed to sell the shop owner Metro PCS a few boxes from the iPhone 6, is filled with clay. The sum of transaction, according to police estimates, amounted to several tens of thousands of dollars. The amount of material for molding in the boxes was chosen so as to mimic the weight of the original Apple device.

A cunning plan young guys was the fact that the buyer had only seen sealed boxes from the iPhone, but the communicators weren’t there, they took the place of clay. The buyer did not check the teenagers on honesty and pay them, not bothering to open at least one package.

Dealers, getting the money quickly retreated, and deceived figured out the crime some time later, when still decided to take a look at the goods. Realizing that he had been deceived, the store owner decided to restore justice: adolescents left him my phone number (probably under the pretext of “you suddenly have a problem, call me, we will work out”), which he called. And they responded. Moreover, they managed to negotiate the acquisition of another party. Here they were seized by the police.

In the car the criminals were found several sealed boxes from iPhone with plasticine inside, clothes and about $500 cash. Now the three teenagers charged with fraud, and the fourth is still under investigation. Soon they will be brought to justice.

This is not the first case when the iPhone substitute other items for sale. So, in 2013, the Australian instead of Apple’s smartphone has received a couple of apples, and in Moscow were detained members of a criminal gang, which under the guise of iPhone sold to residents of the capital of the box with dietary salt.

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