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Teen in exchange for an iPhone 5s got stolen car in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has traded in her iPhone in a stolen car. He reported this to the police when they stopped the car.

In the Kronstadt district of St. Petersburg law enforcement officers detained a man driving a car reported stolen. The detainee told that the vehicle was not stolen, and traded it for the iPhone. The incident occurred on March 4, about 00:00 on Toulon Avenue.

Behind the wheel of a stolen Chevrolet Lacetti at the time of arrest was a 19-year-old boy, who had neither the rights, nor documents to the car. Also sat in the car 17-the summer young man from Kronstadt and 14-year-old girl. The officers grief-the driver explained that he had traded this car on a mobile phone.

According to “Driver Petersburg”, the car is wanted since February of 2016. On March 1, according to this young man, he traded the car from a friend on the iPhone 5s. On the car were reported minor damage, including broken windshield, documents on the foreign car was not. The owner of a Chevrolet are already notified about the discovery.

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