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Technology quick wireless charging will be the main feature of the iPhone in 2017

In the year of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple have to release a smartphone that will be very different from the monotonous past generations. The main rumor about the iPhone 8 is the presence of the novelty of a new body and glass AMOLED display. Some sources also mentioned the emergence of new wireless charging technology.

According to the publication DigiTimes, the company Lite-On Semiconductor has received a large order for a bridge rectifier, just used for implementation technology for the fast wireless charging. Lite-On will supply collectors smartphones Apple new generation half of all the necessary components of this type.

Thus, information about what the iPhone 8 will be able to quickly charge at a distance of 4-5 meters from the power supply, not science fiction and not the ravings of a madman. In Cupertino came close to release with innovative charging. Most likely, the appropriate adapter will be shipped in the standard set with the iPhone 8.

In Lite-On Semiconductor has refused to comment on the information. It is also unclear whether such technology to be present all the new iPhone or just the most expensive model.

In 2017, as expected, Apple will release three models. The first is the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, the second — 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, and the third option is a 5.8-inch iPhone 8 with a new design and the same dimensions that the Plus version due to the missing framework.

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