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Taylor swift never expected this reaction from Apple at its boycott Apple Music

American singer and winner of numerous Grammy awards Taylor swift, decided to boycott Apple Music, was surprised by the reaction of the Apple. The actress did not expect that the Corporation of this level will change the policy after its publication in the blog.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, swift admitted that before you put the address to the Apple she consulted only with one person – his mother.

“Swift surprised that Apple almost immediately changed plans not to pay for music listening during the demonstration period of the new streaming service. “Apple has behaved to me, as a representative of the creative community, which is considered to be the company, ” said the singer. – I thought that was quite ironic that a multibillion Corporation has responded to criticism so human, and startup without cash income [approx. Spotify], she acted like a corporate machine”.

Swift wrote an open letter to Apple in June of this year. In an open letter she criticized Apple for the intention not to pay royalties to the authors of the music, lyrics, songs, and other rights holders the first three months of Apple Music.

“I’m sure you know that Apple Music will be free for three months for everyone who signs up for this service. But I’m not sure, did you know that Apple Music will not pay for this time authors, producers and performers. It’s shocking and disappointing to me,” — said in the appeal of the singer.

After some deliberation in the Apple went towards swift and agreed to pay compensation to the independent artists for streaming their works from the launch of Apple Music. According to some cupertinos list authors and performers by 0.2 per cent with each listen. After the demonstration period, a California Corporation declared his readiness to pay the artists from 71,5 to 73% of the revenues from the broadcast of their compositions.

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Earlier, the head of record label Taylor swift Big Machine Label Group Scott Borchetta said that the singer did not warn him of the intention to boycott Apple Music. According to him, despite the fact that many struggled with the decision of the “Apple” of the Corporation, and behind the scenes was a fierce battle, his ward “went too far”.

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