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Task scheduler Wunderlist received a voice assistant and a new mode Glance for Apple Watch

Popular Wunderlist task scheduler was updated with the new regime Glance for the Apple Watch, built-in voice assistant and optimizing the code. The app is available for download on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.0 and above.

We all know the importance of planning your own time. This process in English is called the GTD, or Getting Things Done (How to keep your Affairs in order”). Before, the main tool for managing to-do lists were a notebook and pen. In the age of information technology comes mobile gadgets and computers. Wunderlist is one of the most popular solutions in this category.

Wunderlist is different from unparalleled ease of use and wide range of functions. The user can create and sync your task lists, add new items, set reminders, and more. In the case of a paid subscription, the service allows you to share your lists with other users for collaborative tasks.

After the last update Wunderlist began to display 3-4 tasks in the real Glance on the Apple Watch, depending on the size hours. In addition, added the circular indicator of completion of current date, so the user could see how high the productivity or how productive it has yet to become.

In addition to this added feature voice assistant. When the accessibility preferences Wunderlist can read the lists and plan things to do today. The update also optimized traffic to save mobile MB.

The program is free and available on all range of devices – from smartphones to desktop computers. Wunderlist though don’t take money, provides ample opportunities for creativity and planning. Especially appreciated by those who have, for example, Android and iPad, and to do planning want without restrictions. The subscription-based version of Wunderlist Pro worth of 279 USD per month allows you to enhance your performance and allows unlimited access to files, appointments and tasks.

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Download Wunderlist for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is available for free at this link.

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