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Tap Tap Cash – earn million!

I want to make a million small and not marked bills? Then click on the coin to get the cash!

Initially, the clicker Tap Tap Cash, the gamer gets one penny for tap (press). Earning money, you can pump your skills in the “Improvements”. For example, to increase the amount of money for tap. And bought a “money tree”, you can get the money automatically, as any rentier.

This income is not limited, but rather new opportunities. To open a business? No question! You can collect truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world, or to arrange Express delivery of correspondence with quadrocopters.

And that’s not all. Boxes can find various items and sell them. Or to find things related to each other, and sell them more expensive, for example with any three helmet (motorcycle helmet, horned Viking helmet, the helmet of the spacesuit). The price is set higher at times. In the tab “Tasks” you can always find the inquiry on these items.

If you don’t have enough excitement in his measured and comfortable life, you can open the jackpot game “Magic box” and get a chance (if you’re lucky) to win even more money. To play “Magic box”, you must make one of four bets and guess the winning box of nine pieces. The higher the rate, respectively, and higher winnings. If you get the x2 multiplier, the subsequent winnings will be multiplied twice.

An interesting and important aspect of the game is combos. Have to touch the coins a certain number of times, and lights combo x1.01, thereby multiplying the money for the tap on this figure. If the combo will increase to x10, and one-tap suppose the player gets the penny, for the press will give 10 cents. But do not rejoice so soon if I stopped to tap on the coin, after three seconds the combo counter disappears and have to start over. There are two types of leveling combo – acceleration and increase of the multiplier.

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For different tasks the game has achievements. Opened a business, sold a bunch of items or pumped all the improvements and get a reward in the form of a funny sticker and prize. And the one who used to be the first in all endeavors, can compete or just track your scores in Game Center.

Download Tap Tap Cash is available for free on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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