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Taiwan scientists use Apple Watch to control the drone using gestures [video]

Taiwanese startup PVD+ developed a software that allows you to control the drones with the help of Apple Watch. Feature is the way that the remote control is implemented: to interact with the Autonomous device is provided with the help of gestures.

“Startup PVD+, founded in 2013 by a student of the State University Zhongzheng Marcom the venom, together with Professor Yong Ming and three students have developed the software to do. After 18 months of research, the team created a set algorithm, using which you can manage all devices by means of gestures.”

The technology is implemented on the example of Drona Parrot AR Drone 3.0. Apple Watch on the user’s wrist captures hand movements and send signals to the flying device.

“We had to use a complex control system of drones, but now can be useful to wearable devices, through which you can interact with them simple and natural gestures, explained the scientists. Just as we can control droid Star Wars BB-8”.

Developed PVD+ technology allows to build a light control system for smart home based on gestures.

“When I do cotton, the light turns on. If I write in the air letter “R”, the lamp will change the light to red, but if “Y” is yellow. Finally, when I clap twice, the light turns off,” explained the scientist.

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