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Taiji Panda – MMO with pandas

“Tai Chi Panda” meets the player to choose the server (all full), and then to decide which race you will play. The important decision, so don’t cut from the shoulder. After an introductory biography and choice nick, your new character will get in a huge pot, where the entire screen is caked with elements of the interface will be occupied by other users – and you will join the new exciting world of. Welcome, this is “tai Chi Panda” is a new MMO on mobile.
Plot complication in “tai Chi Panda” is, but to retell will not – who needs it, anyway, this story in an MMO? Anyone. The main thing in “tai Chi Panda” – gameplay and social elements.

The game is divided into various missions that gives NPC; a lot of missions, but the method of transmission is plus or minus one. If you have a melee companion, he is submitting one button to destroy-to break-tear. It’s great – it should hold down one key so as to provide a spectacular show: the main character is quite colorful and convincing fights. There is a skill tree is initially available only a couple, but then opens all. They are usually destructive and aimed at watering the death of all the living. Over time, will gain access to animals – furry little (or big and bald) friend will run next and help.

Missions are played – well, like Diablo, which lowered the camera down. Everywhere crawling monsters, get on the head, and then drop from their bodies gold or new equipment. Every job plot ends with a boss battle – after it is worth watching especially carefully: drop rare things. You can pass not only the story missions, but also side – to make money.
Accumulated fine is spent in a sort of hub where you relax between jobs. Here it is possible for a fee to improve the skills and to pump their arms, spending on upgrading other “trunks”, the class below. Here, we can solve the social question – to go, for example, to fight in the arena. Of course, this is not for the weak and newcomers is to successfully speak with other players, have a few hours before that to Shine with monsters. But the reward is higher, and for victory in the arena give out “points of honor”.

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You can join and the Guild is also a good option for those who are not suffering from autism. There you will find not only a contact has a built-in chat), but comrades in the struggle – a constant attribute of any self-respecting MMO.

Since “tai Chi Panda” free, domestic payments have – you, say, can buy the crystals that will be spent on large packs. There are many good things fall out of a different rank, as well as necessary for the development of the soul. However these packs is quite possible to accumulate – the game provides a wide selection of all kinds of jobs, where gold and precious vestments, swords and guns flow like water. So here a question of money – not imposed but proposed. Want not to pay – your right, but then have to play it tight and not fool around. As in any other, in General, MMO.
Looks like “tai Chi Panda” neat: a sort of cute picture that is not enough, of course, stars in the sky, but it looks good. Especially failed effects from strokes and shots come in blue, red, any splashes. With design locations there is a small problem (too somehow blurred), but redeem all the character models almost console level.

Overall, the game leaves a positive impression. Here is everything you need for a good MMO, and even a little more – there was a place for a couple of interesting nuances. If you are by itself, like the genre – try it, you will not regret. If you don’t like – well, also try suddenly have to taste.

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