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“Yandex.Maps” has received the support of augmented reality

“Yandex.Card” has been updated and received the support of augmented reality based on ARKit. Augmented reality only works in pedestrian navigation in order to enable it you click on the...


Yandex started to advertise in Viber

Advertising banners will appear after the call. This is the first experience company in cooperation with the messengers. The deal was announced Commettant. Representatives of the company said that advertising...


A new feature in Uber: trips with multiple stops

In the latest update, Uber has a new feature. Now users have the ability to make small stops during the trip. This became known thanks Maximum number of stops...


Russia dropped the price of Samsung Galaxy S8

After the announcement SmartPad Samsung Galaxy Note8, several retailers reduced the price of the flagship Galaxy S8. When flagship smartphone appears odnoplanovye competitor, the manufacturer just has to look at...


Yandex launched a new version of search, which uses a neural network

The official blog of the company explained how this will work and what will the user from the new algorithm. It is based on the algorithm “Queens”. Using neural networks...


“Yandex” has launched an aggregator karteninhaber services

Users in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg will be available to more than two thousand cars from the popular karteninhaber services. “Yandex” has completed testing of aggregator of car rentals “Yandex.Car sharing”...


Google began offering a choice of searching in Chrome for Android

Google began offering a choice of searching in Chrome for Android. The corresponding window has started to appear for some users. Users are prompted to choose which search engine to...


Why Russia banned the proxy and VPN

On Friday the state Duma adopted in final reading a bill prohibiting Russia’s decision to bypass the lock, under the action of which fall including anonymizers, VPNs and Tor. In...


iOS 11: the five coolest new features available in Russia. And three – not available

In September this year after the presentation of iPhone 8 Apple will release iOS 11. It offered hundreds of changes and improvements, big and small. We chose eight of the...


“Yandex” and join Uber, the online transportation in Russia

“Yandex” and Uber signed an agreement to merge the businesses of online travel arrangements. This is stated in the press release of the Russian company. The


The Ministry of communications explained the failure of the national search engine Sputnik, which spent $20 million

Draft national search engine “Sputnik” has failed due to the fact that the service was created artificially, and its creators did not have a clear understanding of what purpose it...


“Yandex” works over creation of rival smart speakers Apple HomePod

Yandex is developing a competitor to Apple’s HomePod and Amazon Echo home assistant with a voice interface. About this “Vedomosti” citing informed sources close to the


Is it possible to block VPN and proxies in Russia?

Recently in the Network actively discussing a possible ban on VPNs and proxies, through which users in Russia can access the locked content. It is believed that access to content...


In Yandex.The Navigator has the opportunity to call a tow truck or a technical service

In mobile Yandex.The Navigator for iOS and Android have the ability to call technical service or a tow truck. As they say the creators of the service, this innovation will...


President of Ukraine Poroshenko refused to unlock the “Vkontakte”

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko refused to unlock the Russian social network “Vkontakte”. On the website of the President there was a comment to the appropriate petition, which was...

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