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Taylor swift has criticized Apple music service

American singer and winner of numerous Grammy awards Taylor swift criticized the new music service from Apple. On this she wrote in her blog on Tumblr. Swift explained why in...


5 reasons to wait for iOS 9

At a conference for developers WWDC 2015 was shown the new version of iOS that represents an important update for mobile OSes Apple. Major release of iOS 9 can not...


What is the future of Apple computers

Despite the overall decline of the PC market, sales of Mac computers is growing. However, experts believe that Apple in the future is to abandon their production. What is the...


Windows 10 vs OS X El Capitan: new functions, features, release dates

OS X 10.11, known as El Capitan, is the newest version of the operating system Apple presented at WWDC 2015. It will have a serious struggle against Windows 10. MacDigger...


New radio Beats 1 earned in the beta versions of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9

In the test versions of iOS 8.4 and iOS 9 radio station earned Beats 1, submitted simultaneously with the streaming music service at WWDC Apple Music 2015. The


Samsung, by example, showed how not to Troll Apple

Marketers Samsung seems to not learn from their mistakes, because the same mistake is chasing them for the past few years. At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple CEO Tim cook...


Study: only 38% of users of the Apple Watch would advise them to your friends

“Smart” watches Apple, according to some, already has sold about 7 million units. It is more than sales of any other company during the same period. But this does not...


Apple is recruiting a team of journalists for a news app

Apple has decided to hire an enthusiastic and skilled journalists” for their new news app. They will have to select suitable content that is not suitable existing search algorithms, and...


Apple has posted on YouTube the presentation of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan [video]

One week after the completion of the event dedicated to the announcement of the new operating system iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, the broadcast is now available on...


Keyboard for iPad iOS 9 Pro hides an extra row of keys and buttons “Tab” and “Caps Lock”

Another confirmation of developments within the walls of the Cupertino large size of the iPad Pro has detected developer Steven Trenton Smith. The keyboard in iOS 9 will include work...


Presentation WWDC 2015 for two and a half minutes [video]

At a developers conference Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, which opened in San Francisco on 8 June, Apple announced a new, ninth version of the iOS operating system, as well as...


How to turn iOS 8 to iOS 9 right now

June 8 at WWDC Apple announced that iOS 9 is the next version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A new release of the software platform...


Rumor: Apple will launch iPod touch 6G in the fall of this year

Apple is preparing to introduce iPod touch 6G new generation this fall, reports the Gospel Herald, citing informed sources. The last time multimedia player with touchscreen improved in 2012. Rumors...


LG will release its own device with support for the Apple platform HomeKit

Recently MacDigger wrote that a year after the announcement of the Apple platform HomeKit for her has finally unveiled the first devices. The company that made it, for many committed...


Apple is accused in the artificial restriction of multitasking in iOS 9 with the aim of increasing sales of the iPad

One of the main novelties of the WWDC 2015 has become the operating system iOS 9, which provides a multi-window mode on the iPad. But this feature will be available...

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