Thanks, Trump: iPhone won't go up

A few days ago, we talked about how iPhones could go up in price due to the protracted trade war between the US and China. The news caused a panic among Apple fans. And now we want to reassure you – iPhone will not go up in price! iPhone, iPad and MacBook will not be […]


Apple Watch Series 5 won't get much change

As we said today, reporters Mark Gourmet and Debbie Wu of Bloomberg shared their expectations for new Apple devices. They said that the new iPhone will become stronger and get a triple main camera, and also told what to expect from the next generation of smart watches Apple Watch. According to them, one should not […]


Waymo autopilot won't ride in bad weather

Soon all of us will have a wonderful future, where people will not be allowed to drive cars with the exception of specially designated places. But while we are at the very beginning of the development of autonomous cars. And periodically, interesting or unexpected features of the computer vision of the car's control systems pop […]