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Not agreed: Apple decided to create an electric car without the help of BMW

Apple has stopped talks with BMW about sharing the work on the electric car after the visit of top managers


Are 15 interesting facts about Apple Watch

31 July in Russia officially started selling the Apple Watch. Versed than we are surprised Apple and why Apple watch are politicians, celebrities, businessmen and ordinary people. “When people begin...


Disarm iPhone: activists in the US require to remove the Emoji with gun for iOS [video]

Activists of the organization NYAGV (New Yorkers Against Gun Violence) have signed a petition demanding to remove from the iPhone one of the emoticons. Discontent was aroused by the icon...


Thousands of people gathered for the opening of the largest Apple Store in China [photos]

Thursday, July 30, Apple opened a new flagship store in China. Thousands of customers


Ford is not afraid of competition from Apple

Apple continues to work on forming a solid team, which task will be the construction of the first in the history of the IT giant car. Despite the fact that...


Who owns the Apple? Hidden masters of the world

Recently the world was shocked by sensational news – Apple’s market capitalization topped $700 billion for the investor and major shareholder of the company Karl Aiken estimated value per share...


The number of users of Apple Music exceeded 10 million

The number of users of the new music service Apple Music exceeded 10 million, according to the report of analytical company HITS Daily Double. Streaming service Apple is included with...


Apple plans to open in India 500 salons selling iPhone and iPad

Apple plans to significantly increase its presence in India, in particular, the company expects to increase the number of retail outlets, exclusively engaged in the implementation of “Apple” products. According...


Media: BMW i3 electric car will be the basis for Apple car

Apple is in talks with the automaker BMW Group about the possibility of using electric vehicle BMW i3 as the basis for your own car, “Apple” company. This writes the...


Apple spoke in support of the law banning employment discrimination against gays and lesbians

Apple has publicly supported the Federal law banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender (Employment Non-discrimination Act) that is being considered in the U.S. Congress. The company from...


Experts: come the best time to buy Apple shares

The first trading day after mixed financial report for the III quarter of the financial year was the worst Apple stock for a year and a half. Nevertheless, experts believe...


Apple offered to buy a Tesla

In July, Apple has hired another veteran of the automotive industry Douglas Betts, who gave the car his entire professional life — 28 years, previously held the positions of Vice-President...


Apple lost one day $66 billion due to a sharp drop in shares

Apple’s market capitalization fell by $66 billion after announcing the company’s results in April-June 2015. During OTC trading in the U.S. stocks of U.S. corporations fell by 8%. Today’s trading...


Apple has tapicerowane record number of defectors from Android among iPhone users

Getting a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone, Apple could not quarterly reporting conference to lose sight of the factors of this success. The volume...


15 interesting points from the presentation Tim cook after the publication of the quarterly reports Apple

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday Apple announced financial results for the second quarter of 2015. The official report indicates that revenues of the company increased to $49.6 billion...

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