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The majority of owners of older iPhone models still not updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

Report Apple I pinchartl 2016 has revealed a few interesting moments. First, in Cupertino acknowledged that the strengthening of the dollar prevents the company to sell more iPhones in certain...


Tim cook hopes to strengthen the ruble and defectors from the Android platform

Apple CEO Tim cook said that the former owners of Android devices have become one of the main driving forces that contributed to the growth of iPhone sales. Cook believes...


Apple announced one billion active devices

The last quarter was a record for Apple, for a three-month period, revenue totaled $75.9 billion, while net rose to $18.4 billion. In addition, it was announced that in the...


Tim cook believes the weakening of the ruble is the cause of slow growth record iPhone sales

Apple CEO Tim cook said that the rise of the dollar against national currencies had a negative impact on the financial performance of the company. Among currencies, the weakening of...


The main developer of mobile Windows 10 was accused of using iPhone

In his spare time, Microsoft executives prefer to use smartphones Apple. This conclusion was made by the reviewers of The Verge, caught in the apostasy of the Vice-President unit of...


The Pope at the meeting with Tim cook has called the Internet “God’s gift”

The Internet and social networks, if they are used wisely, is a gift of God. This opinion was expressed by Pope Francis at a closed meeting with the head of...


WSJ: the head of Apple developing electric car out of the company

Steve Zaleski, the head of the Apple division responsible for the design and development of electric


Tim cook met with Prime Minister of Italy and the Pope

Thursday, January 22 meeting Apple CEO and head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis, according to Reuters. Tim cook proceeded to the interior of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican,...


The performance of the Apple A9X chip in the iPad Pro is comparable to the Intel Core M

iPad Pro is not yet able to completely replace a full PC, wouldn’t want Tim cook, but a 12.9-inch tablet from Apple, of course, approaching this goal. Hardware the device...


iPhone more than twice, if it will be assembled in the USA

This week, speaking at liberty University, a candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump said he will oblige Apple to release their products in the USA....


Apple between past and future: how has the company from Cupertino?

Apple is the market leader that every new product attracts the attention of all world media. But few people think about how the company has changed in recent years. What...


Apple until the end of the year will open in China 40 brand shops

Apple is ready to continue to invest in China in the “perfect place” where California giant is now “active as ever”. The company plans until the end of 2016 to...


Microsoft: the iPad Pro will never be your primary device

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro resonated with fans of “Apple”, Apple CEO Tim cook is sure that the innovative tablet will replace laptops and PCs. In Microsoft...


Audience Apple Music reached 10 million users

According to research firm Financial Times, the number of users who paid a subscription to Apple Music, for the last three months increased by 3.5 million and today is already...


Live to iPhone 7: what Apple has with Russia and why stopped smiling Tim cook

“Cupertino, we have a problem!” – top executives Apple would be happy to hide in his cozy headquarters, but there is no turning back. Journey to the unknown “middle” markets...

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