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Apple: the second quarter will be the best for iPad for the last two years

On Tuesday Apple announced financial results for the second quarter of 2016 financial year ending 26 March 2016. The company’s revenue for the three months were $50.6 billion, and net...


Analysts believe the weakening of the ruble, the reason of falling of sales of the iPhone

Apple in the second quarter of 2016 financial year recorded a decrease in iPhone sales for the first time since the launch of smartphones in 2007 and the first decrease...


A paid subscription to Apple Music has issued 13 million people

The number of subscribers of the new music service Apple Music has reached 13 million people. This was announced by Apple CEO Tim cook during the announcement of financial report...


In the last quarter, the number of defectors from Android to iOS reached a record value

Apple, which recently reported on the results of the last quarter, at such events often mentions that the number of users who switched from Android to iOS, in the reporting...


The FBI is going to classify information about the way the iPhone arrow from San Bernardino

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the United States must decide whether to disclose the White house information about how the iPhone was hacked, who used one of the


Media reported about the mass layoffs at Apple

Apple is reducing staff, dealing with personnel matters. This is with reference to informed sources reported resource Venture Beat. As it became known, the company not only dismisses all freelance...


Annual sales of the Apple Watch twice the sales of the first iPhone in 2007

Since the release of the Apple Watch, Apple has sold two times more than iPhone in 2007. According to The Wall Street Journal citing a report by analyst firm IDC....


In a new promo video Apple described how the iMessage users save the planet [video]

22 April is international Mother Earth day (International Mother Earth Day). He proclaimed at the initiative of Bolivia at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly in 2009. In...


Tim cook and Vladimir Putin entered the top-100 most influential people in the world

American Time magazine published an annual ranking of the 100 most influential, in the opinion of the editorial office, politicians, businessmen, cultural and public figures. It included Apple CEO Tim...


The FBI paid the hacker for hacking iPhone $1.3 million

As you know, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) managed to crack iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino Sayed Farouk without the help of Apple. However, the details of hacking the...


Browse the new collection of straps Apple for Apple Watch [video]

In March, at the presentation of the SE iPhone and 9.7 inch iPad Pro Apple showed a spring collection straps for Apple Watch. In a series of bracelets includes 26...


Apple refused to give China source codes for iOS

About two years ago, Apple received a request from China with the requirement to provide the source code of the software used in its products. The authorities wanted to ensure...


The number of viruses for Android is growing exponentially

Within 12 months, researchers at Symantec Korea has revealed about 14,000 infections of Android devices and only 9 successful attacks on smartphones and tablets running iOS. According to the researchers...


Gold iPhone SE are in great demand in China

Apparently, Apple fans have shown the most lively interest in the recently presented iPhone SE. The start of sales of iPhone SE in the countries of the first wave took...


Will the iPad Pro to replace laptops and computers?

The era of megalomania continues, manufacturers offer the market all the gadgets larger and larger sizes, giving them absolutely unexpected purposes. At the end of last year, Apple brought to...

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