Named the best-selling smartphone in 2019. And this is the iPhone XR

I wonder which smartphones were popular last year? Then sit back, because now we will talk about the best-selling devices of 2019. interesting                            iPhone 9 will bring Apple $ 12 billion                   Apple will pay $ 500 million to slow down iPhone The most popular smartphones of last year were called […]


iPhone 11 – Apple's Most Popular Smartphone

When Apple introduced along with the flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and the younger brother iPhone XS, many were quite skeptical towards him, remembering the story with the iPhone 5c. However, contrary to forecasts, the iPhone XR has become perhaps Apple's best-selling smartphone. And it looks like the iPhone 11 has followed in […]


iPhone 11 Pro Max – the best smartphone according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has updated its ranking of the best smartphones. This time, the new iPhone presented in September came out on top, displacing Samsung's flagships. interesting                            What will Apple show at its October presentation?                   What's new in macOS 10.15 Catalina? Full update overview The authors of Consumer Reports tested the […]


Best of the week: Apple Watch saved lives, Xiaomi showed a strange smartphone, as well as a speech by Greta Tunberg

For Apple sufferers, this week has become a breath of fresh air. Therefore, in today's digest there will be much less about the company from Cupertino. But according to tradition, we will begin with it. Apple We all know that the most popular smartphone among those sold right now is the “unsuccessful” and “useless” iPhone […]