iPhone 11 Pro Max – the best smartphone according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has updated its ranking of the best smartphones. This time, the new iPhone presented in September came out on top, displacing Samsung's flagships. interesting                            What will Apple show at its October presentation?                   What's new in macOS 10.15 Catalina? Full update overview The authors of Consumer Reports tested the […]


Best of the week: Apple Watch saved lives, Xiaomi showed a strange smartphone, as well as a speech by Greta Tunberg

For Apple sufferers, this week has become a breath of fresh air. Therefore, in today's digest there will be much less about the company from Cupertino. But according to tradition, we will begin with it. Apple We all know that the most popular smartphone among those sold right now is the “unsuccessful” and “useless” iPhone […]


                                    The disassembly of the world's first bendable smartphone was shown in the video. Impressive!

On the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, an entertaining video appeared on how the world's first flexible screen smartphone was disassembled. The technoblogger first broke Royole FlexPai, and then decided to disassemble it completely. Chinese manufacturer Royole launched the FlexPai gadget before the others, long before the Samsung Galaxy Fold was presented. The case of the smartphone […]


                                    Experts called three ways to reduce the harm from a smartphone

Experts shared how to use a smartphone in order to avoid health problems. For example, numbness and pain in the neck, back, wrists and in the joints of the thumb. It is enough to follow a few simple recommendations. So, scientists recommend choosing a gadget of the right size, which will conveniently lie in the […]


                                    Apple flew out of the top three smartphone market leaders

As we said today, Apple remains the leading manufacturer of smart watches. But on the smartphone market, things are worse for the American giant, as analysts at IHS Markit, a research firm, report in their new report. interesting                            The names of all iPhone 11 became known                   Apple employees are testing […]


                                    Turn a smartphone into a sound weapon? It is possible!

Did you know that some modern gadgets for playing sound can be used by hackers as real weapons? This was recently told by cybersecurity researcher Matt Vicksey. interesting                            Apple takes revenge for replacing batteries in unofficial SC                   Apple will go on trial because of Kaspersky Lab He conducted a series […]


                                    WhatsApp will appear on iPad and Mac without binding to a smartphone

Still using WhatsApp? Good news for you. Soon the messenger can be launched on the iPad and Mac. Without dancing with a tambourine – as an independent application. Image from WhatsApp is working fancy now. You need to keep a smartphone (connected to the Internet) next to the tablet and PC. Otherwise, the service […]


Now even grandmothers with pies will accept payment by card. Get ready to apply the smartphone for payment … to another smartphone & nbsp

They didn’t have time to get used to online cash registers and NFC payments, as the international payment system VISA offered the CIS countries a way to accept payment from bank cards directly to a smartphone. The technology was first shown during the summit of Visa Cashless 2019. According to most experts, it will replace […]