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The fragmentation of Android has new records: 24 000 different devices

The desire of Google to develop the Android platform has led to the emergence of one of the main disadvantages of this OS is the fragmentation. Fresh report Android Fragmentation...


Top-end processor for an Android flagship Snapdragon 820 will present on August 11

11 August 2015 American Qualcomm will hold a press conference in Los Angeles, which will officially unveil their new flagship processor, the Snapdragon 820. It is part of the Zeroth...


Published the first high-quality photos of the flagship Galaxy Note 5

In recent times we have witnessed the emergence of quite a few leaks about the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Even famous industrial designer Ivo Marik offered their visions of...


Apple’s market capitalization fell by $113 billion over the week

Apple shares dropped in price by 3.2% amid concerns investors because of the loss of positions in China. At the close of trading, its share price was $114,64 is the...


Many Apple fans can’t differentiate iOS from Android [video]

Despite the convincing Apple that iOS is a key aspect of gadgets under the brand name of the company, for many it means absolutely nothing. Some have no clue, looks...


Samsung was accused of copying iOS 6 icons

Design capabilities Samsung are often the occasion for jokes. The inspiration for Koreans supports Apple products. You may recall the design of smartphones, tablets, headphones Galaxy S6, packaging, gadgets, charging...


Former Microsoft employee told why Windows Phone has no chance against iOS and Android

Ex-Microsoft employee Balaji Viswanathan explained why, in his opinion, the mobile platform Windows Phone does not have the ability to take any significant market share. He is convinced that the...


the iPhone 6c will be released in the second quarter of 2016 and will receive 14/16 nm FinFET processor

Rumours about the iPhone 6c persistently appeared online in the last six months. On the one hand, Apple significantly increased diagonal screen new smartphone models, which makes the release of...


Apple failed to stop the lawsuit filed by patent Troll Smartflash, and Samsung has turned out

The U.S. court of appeals for the Federal circuit


Apple has lost its leadership in the Chinese market, Xiaomi and Huawei

According to analysts Canalys, Apple has lost its leading position in the smartphone market in China, behind Xiaomi and Huawei. The market share of American manufacturer in the report for...


iOS vs. Android: how to change the performance of smartphones for the last 7 years

Edition Android Authority decided to evaluate how much the performance of smartphones running iOS and Android for the last 7 years. To assess the development of the mobile industry recall...


The share of Samsung smartphones in Russia fell by a third after the “boycott” from retailers

From the beginning of June 2015 to mid-July (the 23rd week of the year on 29th), the share of Samsung smartphones in the Russian market in units declined from 25.6...


Samsung responded to Apple Music free access to Google Play Music for six months

For the first 4 weeks of Apple Music service has signed up over 10 million users, according Roem citing a source in the major record companies. In July, and in...


Published press photos and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus

Less than two weeks separate us from large presentations Samsung, under which the company will introduce the Galaxy Note 5


The media revealed the cost of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus

This week Samsung sent out invitations to the presentation, which will take place on 13 August and will be dedicated to the official announcement of the phablets Samsung Galaxy Note...

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