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Apple patent for hybrid wireless headphones for iPhone

Apple has reinforced the rumors about the upcoming failure of 3.5-mm audio Jack in the iPhone 7 with a new patent on a hybrid headphones that can work both wired...


Samsung has achieved cancellation of a fine of $120 million for copying features of the iPhone “slide to unlock”

The U.S. court of appeals for the Federal circuit on Friday ruled in favor of Samsung in dispute with Apple about patents and use some of the features in smartphones,...


Kyocera showed at MWC a prototype smartphone with a display integrated into a solar panel

Last year, Apple received a patent for the technology integration of solar panels into display panels of smartphones, tablets, music players and smart watches. On the idea of the iPhone...


Apple patented the dock with flexible connector for iPhone

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application filed by Apple for “dock with flexible connector”. The essence of design is to ensure the mobility of the plug inside...


The new generation iPhone will be to understand the language

The next generation iPhone will learn how to recognize the sign language, and the device itself can be controlled using hand movements in the air, according to a new Apple...


Canadians have unveiled a prototype flexible smartphone of the future [video]

Modern technologies allow to fit the gadgets into a shell the size of a matchbox, however, a serious obstacle to further miniaturization is the screen and body materials. Researchers from...


Apple has figured out how to make “eternal” button in iPhone and iPad

Specialists from Apple have found a way to extend the life of the buttons, slots and other elements of the iPhone and iPad. Instead of a mechanical component in Cupertino...


Apple has patented a way to automatically adjust the sound level iPhone using the Apple Watch

Apple strives to bring the Apple Watch to a new level of interaction with the iPhone by adding a function that automatically adjust the volume level of the signal on...


SilverStone has introduced a durable Lightning cable with symmetrical USB-a connector

Focusing on the owners of vehicles Apple, SilverStone has released a new cable that allows you to comfortably charge your mobile devices. CPU03 cable is designed to connect the iPhone...


Analysts: In the next 10 years Apple will abandon the iPhone in favor of virtual reality glasses

In the coming years Apple will actively pursue the development of ar systems for its mobile devices, predicts Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster. According to him, the company’s attention to...


Wireless charging the new iPhone promises a revolution in portable electronics market

This week it became known that Apple started working on remote wireless charger. Unlike modern technology, it does not require contact with the dock. According to observers this, “Apple” device...


Rumors: iPhone 7s will receive support wireless charging with a range of up to 1 meter

Apple develops a new technology wireless charging, which can be used in the company’s gadgets in the next year. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the production partners in...


In 2015, Apple spent record $4.5 million on lobbying in the U.S. government

In 2014, Apple has spent on lobbying their interests in the U.S. government about $4.5 million, $400 000 more than in last 2014. This follows from published documents, submitted to...


Apple has patented an ultra-compact camera c curved photo sensor for future iPhone

The iPhone maker pays close attention to the quality and the camera capabilities of their devices. Judging by another patent, Apple is working on ways to significantly improve the main...


Media: in February, Samsung will present the first smartphone with foldable display

Samsung is not the first year working on flexible display panels. The

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