The best sneakers in November

On the first Monday of the month, despite the weekend in Russia, we talk about the best sneakers that should be purchased in November. We also remind you about already written materials. November sneakers Nike React Element 55 x Kendrick Lamar If we already told you everything about the Nike collaboration with Travis Scott, then […]


November 3 GPS will break on old iPhone

Not everyone loves the new iPhone. Some are old enough. Apple devices — with proper care — have been able to work for years. Image from IOS updates have a similar story. Many fundamentally do not install updates. For example, to avoid performance issues. Fresh firmware sometimes slows down irrelevant models. However, there are […]


What would I give myself after IFA 2019

The next IFA exhibition is over, this time I didn’t even have time for traditional marginal notes, but I outlined various purchases for myself! I want to share with you this invaluable information, flew! Sony NW-ZX500 I want this player for myself for only one reason: I want to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Walkman […]


Everything interesting for the week # 9

The first autumn week kicked off very cheerfully: IFA 2019, as well as many other interesting news. We did not manage to write about all of them; for this, there is a selection of “About Everything”. One paragraph news Glass cube resumes work soon It took three years to reconstruct perhaps the most interesting and […]


About Everything Interesting This Week # 8: KFC Wings from Artificial Meat, New iPhone Sales Launch, and Star Wars Trailer

The last Sunday of summer and the first day of autumn. A lot of news has accumulated over the week, which means time for the next selection. One paragraph news Korean AirPods ad with covers An AirPods commercial has appeared on the official Apple Korea channel, featuring a variety of third-party cases. Such covers serve […]


Bowers & Wilkins Formation – Royal Multiroom!

We all love Bowers & Wilkins at Wylsacom Media: Valya recalls P5 with warmth, Seryozha was generally connected with B&W at his last job, with Vali Tunitsky PX, and Sasha in Zeppelin Wireless's office. Well, I’m still dreaming of receiving a P7 with a Lightning cable as a present, and I’ll get older, I’ll dream […]


Combo Playme P600SG Review

Long time I did not unpack the new Playme! Last time with a couple of Ilyusha Kazakov, when they shot a wonderful movie about our Mini. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time! Already, Ilya and the Mini do not (moved to the new “three” BMW), all new gadgets for the car […]