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Apple sends invitations to the fellows WWDC 2018

After three weeks of discussions, April 20th Apple sent out prize notifications to students and members of the organization STEM, applied for a scholarship WWDC 2018. Many winners to share...


Employees working on Apple-branded iOS 12 iPhone 5S

Perhaps, the new operating system will be available on iPhone 2013. This was reported by a Reddit user. He demonstrated the test reports web engine, WebKit, developed by Apple, the...


iPad and Mac will not become one

Tim cook denies rumors that two of the most popular systems Apple iOS and macOS will become one. It is reported by AppleInsider. “We don’t believe in merging. Both platforms...


How to improve sound on the Mac

The sound settings in macOS is very simple and intuitive, but more advanced users may want to carefully control the sound of your Mac. AppleInsider reveals a few secrets that...


Inside Apple is actively testing iOS and macOS 10.14 12

Apple started testing iOS and macOS 10.14 12, writes 9to5Mac, based on visits to your site. Every year, 9to5Mac is fixed on a not yet announced operating system. It usually...


Released public beta 2 of iOS 11.4 and tvOS 11.4 beta 2

Apple releases second public beta version of iOS 11.4 and 11.4 tvOS for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4. Firmware can set everyone. In the case of the smartphone or...


Went macOS 10.13.5 High Sierra beta 2 for developers

Apple released the second beta of macOS 10.13.5 High Sierra. Two weeks after the release of the previous test system. The firmware can set all registered developers. For this you...


What’s in my iPhone player for podcasts Pocket Casts

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal a lot to users. I often listen to podcasts on iPhone. Standard application I don’t like, so I had to...


In Apple maps there is information about the objects from 2GIS

Apple began to cooperate with the Russian company 2GIS reports The map service Apple provides information about places in 290 cities of Russia. In 2GIS reported that


Why is the problem with gaming on a Mac in the past. And at what here clouds

Tell how Nvidia makes “Maki” in gaming laptops and why this is the future. Among all the myths about the Mac, crappy state of gaming — the most realistic. To...


Annual updates are not necessary. iOS and macOS is better to upgrade every two years

Explain why the pompous annual releases — marketing evil that needs to be buried for the sake of stability and ease. The situation is this — in June, Apple will...


Apple once again reminds everyone about the end of support for 32-bit applications in macOS

MacOS 10.13.4 there is a new warning message about the presence of misbehaving applications that will stop working in the next version of the system. Now when you run programs...


KGI: Apple does not have time to develop software for their products

KGI analysts believe that the problem is Apple not the “hardware” and “software”. The company simply does not have time to create a decent software. “The Apple employees do not...


How to enable universal clipboard in iOS and macOS

Tell how to work with one of the most underrated features of macOS Sierra. Universal clipboard is a system that combines the clipboards on all Apple devices in a single....


Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?

The Mac mini is a unique computer that somehow uninteresting Apple. The last version was released four years ago, and the update waiting for at least two years. The Mac...

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