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macOS is in the details: How to unlock computer if forgot login

Most people use password or fingerprint for authentication on their Apple computers, but there are cases when you need to enter the user name for logon. For example, the computer...


Apple distributes gifts in honor of the new school year

From 1 September to 2 October 2018 when buying a Mac or iPad Pro, you can receive a gift of


How to hide app icons in the menu bar on a Mac

Developed by Matthew Palmer presented the application to settings menu located in the upper right corner of Mac OS. If You are a Mac user, you probably noticed that some...


Apple has released another update for the defective MacBook Pro 2018

Apple engineers are trying to somehow brighten up the hard fate of his latest creation. The company has released another software upgrade macOS High Sierra especially for laptops 2018. This...


Apple will repair the MacBook Air 2012 to 2020

Apple announces the MacBook Air, released in mid-2012, the list of obsolete and vintage devices 31 Aug. But the company will repair them free until 2020, reports MacRumors. According to...


Best text editor for iOS now available on Mac

The app Drafts from the Studio developer Agile Tortoise will appear in the Mac App Store before the end of 2018.   This was reported by one of the founders...


Updated iPad Pro could come out this year

Since the release of the iPad Pro it’s been over a year now for Apple it’s time to upgrade the lineup. Annual sales of iOS tablets make tens of millions...


Behind closed doors: the startup Process of Mac

For most users, the startup process consists of three stages: pressing the switch button, the appearance of the Apple logo and loading macOS. It looks pretty simple, but in fact,...


The Creator of Slack introduced the Windows 95 emulator for macOS

Now on the Apple platform, you can test for a rare operating system, and the memories of the soul. The emulator built on the basis of Electron, is only 130...


Apple first allowed by the informal service center to repair iPhone warranty

Apple has authorized us retailers Simply Mac to change the screen of iPhone. To do this, the company will provide a Simply Mac specialized equipment, reports 9to5Mac. Simply Mac is...


Enthusiast has created a library of screenshots of all Mac OS versions

Collector-enthusiast Stephen Hackett over the years has worked to create a library of 502 1 screenshots of different versions of macOS X since the first beta. Stephen Hackett is the...


The new Mac mini can imagine this fall

The most affordable of the computers Apple – Mac mini, not updated since October 2014 and it is likely that the company will update the product soon. According to rumors,...


In the fall Apple will introduce a Mac mini Pro, and MacBook Air with Retina display

Apple’s long wait for a major upgrade of the Mac mini and MacBook Air. According to the latest rumors, it will happen very soon. The updated model, as last year’s...


Screen Time is the main feature of iOS 12. Why it will change everything

iOS 12 is not a breakthrough, but was returned to the operating system the mark of quality — Apple has significantly tightened performance and corrected small mistakes. However, a revolutionary...


Steam games for Windows will become available for Mac

According to rumors, Valve is developing the tools for running Windows games on other platforms. Corporation Gabe Newell preparing something similar to WINE. WINE is an application that relays some...

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