How to connect a controller from a PlayStation or Xbox to iPhone and iPad

This fall, Apple will launch a new game service, Apple Arcade, by subscribing to which you will get access to hundreds of games for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Mac. Management in games will be as usual touch, but also many games will receive support for controllers. With the release of iOS 13 […]


                                    Fake Lightning can hack computers

At the DEF CON 27 conference in Las Vegas, a security researcher known on Twitter under the nickname MG showed a way to hack any MacOS computer. He created the “hacking" Lightning cable, which is no different from the official one and regularly performs all the necessary functions. interesting                            Apple takes revenge […]


                                    WhatsApp will appear on iPad and Mac without binding to a smartphone

Still using WhatsApp? Good news for you. Soon the messenger can be launched on the iPad and Mac. Without dancing with a tambourine – as an independent application. Image from WhatsApp is working fancy now. You need to keep a smartphone (connected to the Internet) next to the tablet and PC. Otherwise, the service […]


                                    Apple will continue to build Mac Pro in the US

On Tuesday, July 30, Apple released a report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019. During a telephone press conference on the publication of the report, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that the company wants to continue the release of Mac Pro in the United States. interesting                            Apple has […]


                                    Apple has earned on services more than $ 11 billion

Apple services have become an important source of revenue for the company in the face of stagnant iPhone sales. In the third quarter of fiscal 2019, revenue from a service category that includes iTunes, the App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, AppleCare and many others exceeded $ 11 billion. This became known […]


                                    Apple summed up last quarter

On Tuesday, July 30, Apple released a report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, which ended in the US on June 30. Over the reporting period, Apple revenue amounted to 53.8 billion dollars. This is the highest July quarter in Apple’s history. interesting                            New iPhones get Apple Pencil support      […]


                                    Apple accused of stealing Siri

Apple got into another story. Not the most pleasant. Parus Holdings sued the corporation. What is the Californian giant accused of? Image from Parus Holdings claims that Apple has violated patent number 7076431. The latter is literally described by Siri. Namely – a system for obtaining information from websites using a voice command. Apple […]


Everything interesting for the week # 2

Today is Sunday, which means the new edition of “About Everything”. The week was intense, our most interesting materials you can find in the collection "The best in a week." In this text, everything that did not get there. news The best of the week: how to buy a reactor of Tony Stark, a processor […]


                                    Recovered iMacs are 15% cheaper than new ones.

If you want to buy an iMac and save on this, we have good news for you. This week, Apple began selling the restored iMac 2019 model year. interesting                            Analysts: sales of new iPhones will disappoint everyone                   Apple abandoned 12-inch MacBook For now, iMac 2019 with Refurbished can only be […]


                                    Five new iPad registered in Russia

Apple is preparing to release not only the new iPhone, but the iPad. New tablets are already registered in Russia, which means that their announcement is just around the corner. interesting                            Forget about the iPhone 11. The most interesting will be the iPhone 2020                   Analysts: new iPhone 11 will disappoint […]

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Security researcher revealed macOS exploit for hacking a keychain

Security researcher Linuse Henze shared a video demonstrating macOS Mojave exploit for accessing passwords stored in a keychain. The KeySteal application, which is shown in the video, does not require administrator privileges to launch an attack. Access control list settings also do not matter. The exploit works on computers with system integrity protection enabled. He […]