How much faster than iOS 13.2 iOS 13.1.3?

Apple continues to bring iOS 13 to mind. The other day, the release of the update iOS 13.2. The firmware pleases with fixed bugs and new features. Image from However, not everyone is in a hurry to update. Some people wonder if iOS 13.2 has become more productive? Is it faster than iOS 13.1.3? […]


India-made iPhone XR goes on sale

Last week, we announced the launch of the iPhone XR in India. And today it became known that the first iPhone XR assembled in the country has already gone on sale. interesting                            iOS 14 is waiting for a radical redesign                   iPhone 11 turns on slower than iPhone X Apple has […]


iOS 13.1 disappoints with battery life

Apple makes a big bet on iOS 13. This is clear by the speed of release updates. iOS 13.1 was released a few days after iOS 13. With many interesting innovations. Image from We already wrote about the changes in iOS 13.1. However, the issue of autonomy was not raised. Does the above update […]


How to simply restart your iPhone or iPad

Any technique gets tired. Even planes, as it turned out, sometimes need a reboot. There are two ways to reboot your device. This is a “soft” and “hard” way. The first implies a smooth shutdown of the device, and the second, respectively, a sharp power off. "Soft" There are two possible options. For all iPhones […]


iPhone XR – best-selling iPhone model

The iPhone XR is Apple's most popular smartphone in the third fiscal quarter. This is stated in the new quarterly report of the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). interesting                            Apple named US leading solar power user                   It became known when to wait for the new 10.2-inch iPad According […]