Users change old iPhone for new once every three years

Users are increasingly less likely to change their old iPhones to new ones. This conclusion was reached by experts of the analytical firm Strategy Analytics, having conducted a survey among American iPhone owners. interesting                            The included iPhone 11 hit the video                   Declassified launch date for new iPhone sales In a […]


How to simply restart your iPhone or iPad

Any technique gets tired. Even planes, as it turned out, sometimes need a reboot. There are two ways to reboot your device. This is a “soft” and “hard” way. The first implies a smooth shutdown of the device, and the second, respectively, a sharp power off. "Soft" There are two possible options. For all iPhones […]


                                    Apple accused of stealing Siri

Apple got into another story. Not the most pleasant. Parus Holdings sued the corporation. What is the Californian giant accused of? Image from Parus Holdings claims that Apple has violated patent number 7076431. The latter is literally described by Siri. Namely – a system for obtaining information from websites using a voice command. Apple […]


                                    How much is iOS 12.4 faster than iOS 12.3.1?

Love updates? Then pay attention to the output of iOS 12.4. This version is already available for installation. Image from the YouTube channel TechReview How is it better than iOS 12.3.1? Has it become more productive? This decided to check the YouTube channel iAppleBytes. He tested both systems on some iPhones. interesting                    […]


                                    iOS 12.4 dramatically increases battery life

Recently, an interesting survey was conducted. Users were asked how long their iPhones work? The answers were disappointing. For many, the phone is discharged in half a day. Image from How to extend this time without effort? It will probably help update iOS 12.4, released the other day. Tests show that the novelty bypasses […]


                                    Apple will assemble iPhone XS in India

As you know, Apple now produces in India iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 for the domestic market. And soon she will start assembling high-end models there, as reported by industry sources. interesting                            iOS 12.4 will upset the owners of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6                   Apple went on trial […]

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Apple to make iPhone 6s in India

Apple moved the production of the iPhone 6s in India, writes iPhone Hacks. It happened a year later after India started to collect iPhone SE. For production of the iPhone 6s responds to the same company that assembles the iPhone SE — Wistron. For the production of the iPhone 6s it had built an additional […]