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Google reduces the value of reference of Android-smartphone Nexus 6 for $150

Google announced markdowns on the Nexus 6, the company developed to demonstrate the capabilities of Android, but produced by a company partner. This step will allow the gadget to better...


iPhone 6s will get a display with a resolution of 1080p, iPhone 6s Plus – Quad HD

Expected in the autumn of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can get the screens are higher resolution compared to current smartphones by Apple. This became known to the online...


Media: Samsung decreases orders for Galaxy S6

Sales of smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge do not meet the expectations of the company, so Samsung decided to reduce by 16% the production of flagship devices. Writes...


Tuning Studio Vorsteiner has presented a unique iPhone 6

If you think that everyone to produce their own variant of the gold smartphone from well known American brand has long been extinct, you are greatly mistaken. German tuning Studio...


Samsung is preparing a competitor for iPhone 6 Plus – 5.5-inch smartphone Galaxy S6 Plus

In the coming weeks, Samsung will introduce a direct competitor of the iPhone 6 Plus, which will deliver enhanced variant Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone with a curved display. The device...


Apple demonstrated the capabilities of the camera of the iPhone 6 [video]

Last fall at a special press conference in California, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6


“M. Video” and re:Store began to purchase the iPhone directly from Apple

Retail chain M. Video” and re:Store began to purchase Apple’s smartphone directly from the manufacturer. Retailers, therefore, with the decline of the mobile phone market to the level of the...


Elevation Dock 3 is probably the best dock for iPhone 6 [video]

Accessories for Apple products are not just a lot, but a lot. You can earn good money on the popular Apple gadget, releasing covers, docking stations, speakers and other improvements....


iPhone 6 for Jews is 157 000

After the Muslim and the Orthodox version, the jewelry of the Russian-Italian brand Caviar presented the third smartphone in the line of the Credo, inspired by masterpieces of culture that...


“The messenger” has announced lower prices for smartphones 25%

“The messenger” has announced lower prices for smartphones by 20-25%. The retailer fell and A-brands (Apple, Sony, Microsoft – Nokia), and B-brands. According to the concept of “Connected”, this will...


The designer showed the iPhone 6c concept [video]

The next model of Apple smartphone will be presented soon, however, designers from SET Solution decided to bring in rendering his vision of the iPhone 6c. The device in the...


Journalists compared the performance of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Plus [video]

Observers of the magazine AndroidGameE conducted its own testing of the smartphone HTC One M9 Plus, comparing its performance with competing iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. The authors of...


Case COVR Photo iPhone 6 allows hidden shooting [video]

Few dare to openly shoot people on the street, in the subway or at public events. But sometimes this is impossible. But the case with “spy” lens COVR Photo allows...


The American shot the iPhone 6 from a high-caliber rifle [video]

What videoblogger’t do with popular gadgets: put them in a blender, hit him with a sledgehammer, set on fire, and sometimes even shoot at them from firearms. Since the release...


Presence of Security will turn old iPhone into a home security system [video]

IPhone line every year updated with new modifications. And the devices that came before, become obsolete. After purchasing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, boasting a large screen, thin...

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