New iPhones get Apple Pencil support

Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone this fall. The so-called iPhone 11 or iPhone XI will receive a rather unexpected new feature. It's about supporting the Apple Pencil stylus. This was reported by analysts at Citi Research, cited by Business Insider. interesting                            Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will […]


                                    iPhone XR – best-selling iPhone model

The iPhone XR is Apple's most popular smartphone in the third fiscal quarter. This is stated in the new quarterly report of the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). interesting                            Apple named US leading solar power user                   It became known when to wait for the new 10.2-inch iPad According […]


                                    Apple went on trial because of the batteries

Against Apple filed another lawsuit. Collective. Who did the corporation upset this time? Canadians. Or rather, residents of the province of Quebec. Image from What is Apple accused of? On sale gadgets with flawed batteries. Apple devices have poor power sources. They are discharged faster than stated. Apple embellishes – or hides – battery […]


                                    Apple accused of stealing Siri

Apple got into another story. Not the most pleasant. Parus Holdings sued the corporation. What is the Californian giant accused of? Image from Parus Holdings claims that Apple has violated patent number 7076431. The latter is literally described by Siri. Namely – a system for obtaining information from websites using a voice command. Apple […]


Everything interesting for the week # 2

Today is Sunday, which means the new edition of “About Everything”. The week was intense, our most interesting materials you can find in the collection "The best in a week." In this text, everything that did not get there. news The best of the week: how to buy a reactor of Tony Stark, a processor […]


                                    Apple is preparing to launch production of a new MacBook Pro

Apple is preparing new products for release. Among them are not only the next-generation iPhone, but also the new iPad and MacBook models. Their production, by the way, is about to start. Today, we already reported that at the end of July, Apple will start mass production of a new iPad tablet with a 10.2-inch […]


                                    Analysts: sales of new iPhones will disappoint everyone

This fall, Apple will introduce the next generation iPhone. The new iPhone will not be radically different from its predecessors, and this may be the reason for their disappointing sales. At least, analysts of Rosenblatt Securities think so. interesting                            Forget about the iPhone 11. The most interesting will be the iPhone 2020 […]


Altai keyboard will appear on Apple gadgets & nbsp

Acting Governor of the Republic of Altai, Oleg Khorokhordin, informed that the authorities will help develop an application that will use Altai language on the Apple gadget keyboard. It is known that now the Altai keyboard can be installed on the gadgets of the Windows operating system, macOS, Linux and Android. However, Altai developers have […]


                                    Five new iPad registered in Russia

Apple is preparing to release not only the new iPhone, but the iPad. New tablets are already registered in Russia, which means that their announcement is just around the corner. interesting                            Forget about the iPhone 11. The most interesting will be the iPhone 2020                   Analysts: new iPhone 11 will disappoint […]