IPhone sales up 416%

The coronavirus epidemic, which swept the whole world, literally crippled the mobile device market. Apple also suffered. To stimulate sales of the iPhone, she even went to lower prices in some markets, particularly in China. And this step brought the first fruits. interesting                            We are waiting for two models of AirPods, several […]


We are waiting for two models of AirPods, several new iPad, MacBook on ARM-processor, HomePod Lite and other new Apple

An anonymous insider shared information about new Apple products that are currently under development. This is the new iPad Air, a 12-inch ARM-based MacBook and game controller. But first things first. interesting                            Apple Music in the browser: Apple has completed testing the web version of the service                   IPhone sales up […]


IPhone 9 Plus will be released with iPhone 9

At the end of March, Apple will introduce the long-awaited successor to the iPhone SE, known as iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9. But it will not be released alone, but with an older brother, which was mentioned in the source code of an earlier version of iOS 14. interesting                            New iPad […]


How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

I talked with our friends from the iSupport service and I want to tell how the business survives on the example of one of the top Moscow services for the repair of Apple equipment. Specialists are always needed Service is not only spare parts and components, but also people, specialists in equipment repair. Everything is […]


iOS 13.4 may come out today

Now Apple, together with developers and participants in the Apple Seed program, is testing iOS 13.4, the latest major update to iOS 13 in anticipation of the announcement of iOS 14. It was expected that the final version of the update would be released immediately after the March presentation of the iPhone 9, which was […]


Apple has released new wireless headphones

The world's raging coronavirus, recognized last week as a pandemic, did not stop Apple from introducing a new product. On Monday, March 16th, she quietly released new headphones under the Beats brand. interesting                            New iPad Pro 2020 gets the same processor as iPad Pro 2018                   Bloomberg: iPhone 12 will be […]


Apple has unveiled on its website the new iPad Pro

Apple will launch several new mobile devices this year. This is not only the next generation iPhone and Apple Watch, but also the new iPad models. The company has already declassified four new tablets on its official website. interesting                            Revealed one of the main chips of iOS 14                   Apple will […]


Apple coolly updated MacBook Air

Apple did not call people for the spring presentation. Coronavirus and all that. There were no virtual events. The company presented the prepared news on its website. Unexpectedly and simply. Image from Fans are waiting for the updated Mac mini, iPad Pro and MacBook Air. Let's get acquainted with the latest device. Externally, the […]