iOS 13.2 beta 2 turns iPad into a "brick"

Actual firmware doesn’t hurt anyone? Love for the latest updates is dangerous. Especially in cases with beta versions. The above is well illustrated by iOS 13.2 beta 2. Image from The update was released the other day. But happiness did not last long. It became known that Apple recalled the assembly for tablets (represented […]


                                    How to quickly and cheaply turn an old iPhone into an iPhone 11 Pro

Like the design of the iPhone 11 Pro, but not ready to change your iPhone X or iPhone XS just for that? There is a way out! Chinese craftsmen have found a way to turn an old iPhone into a new one in just three pennies. interesting                            Apple's new series will be […]


                                    What's new in macOS 10.15 Catalina? Full update overview

Good news for many Mac owners. Apple has released the long-awaited macOS 10.15 Catalina. It can already be installed. The list of supported models is quite wide. Image – Jason Hiner / CNET Which computers are compatible? Here is the list: iMac 2012 or later; MacBook 2015 or later; Mac Pro 2013 or later; iMac […]


What would I give myself in October

Probably, for the first time in the history of the rubric, there will be both free things and directly inexpensive ones – but, as always, everything is only top-notch and relevant in our traditional collection! Flew! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Since I have a PS4 Pro, I feel a slight confusion: apparently, the game […]


                                    Refurbished Apple Pencil 2 will cost $ 109

Are you looking for where to buy a cheaper second-generation Apple Pencil, but do not want to take a used stylus with you? Then we advise you to pay attention to the restored model. interesting                            iOS 13.1.2 is already here. What's new?                   Apple has banned rolling back on iOS 12.4.1 […]


                                    How much RAM does the new 10.2-inch iPad have

On September 10, Apple announced a new iPad with a 10.2-inch display. He, like all other new products presented on this day, fell into the hands of the specialists of the iFixit repair shop, who disassembled it to the last screw and carefully studied the filling. interesting                            IPhone 4 design will return […]