Depositphotos: nine significant changes that business needs to adapt to today & nbsp

The stock market crash in 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic will surely change society and the way companies work. Therefore, brands need to completely rethink their communication. Previous digital marketing strategies will be a thing of the past. Before moving on to new lead generation strategies, most companies will need to overcome the period of […]


WWDC 2020 at risk of collapse due to coronavirus

Coronavirus, which has already spread far beyond China, has made major changes to the plans of many companies. Due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, a number of important events have already been canceled, for example, the mobile exhibition MWC 2020 in Barcelona. But that seems to be just the beginning. interesting               […]


Apple removes coronavirus apps

Everyone heard about coronavirus. He is dangerous and everyone wants to know more about him. Independent developers took advantage of this interest. They have released many disease-related applications. Image from wp.com The App Store also has such programs. They allow you to follow the news and statistics. For example – about confirmed cases of infection […]


Apple moves employees to remote mode

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, recommended that employees at Apple Park and Infinite Loop in Cupertino switch to remote mode due to a coronavirus outbreak. It is proposed to work remotely from March 9 to 13. This applies to branches in regions that are prone to infection above others: Santa Clara, Grove, as well as branches […]