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Fresh selection of temporarily free apps for iOS

MacDigger the editors have gathered the latest collection of temporarily free applications. Orderly — simple to-do list The app allows you to submit all planned for the day in the...


App Store still brings in almost twice as much revenue than Google Play

In the first quarter of 2018, the number of downloaded applications made up 27.5 billion. Half of them on the Play Store, but more money brings App Store. According to...


6 paid apps that are temporarily give a gift

Talk about the latest discounts in the Apple app store. All apps are free for only a limited amount of time. Alloy It is a powerful organizer and Automator-in-one. The...


On iPhone X launched Mac OS 8, Warcraft II, Sim City 2000

Due to the small size of smartphones, they are often underestimated. Start desktop on iPhone – example of the power of these devices, Jules Hacking video proof. Mac OS 8.1...


Fortnite became the highest-grossing game in the App Store

Popular shooter Fortnite brought the Studio Epic Games $ 15 million in just 20 days. The game appeared in the App Store on 15 March and was available by invitation...


To update apps from foreign App Store is now easy

In iOS 11.3, Apple has simplified the updating of applications and games sold in foreign App Store. Users no longer need to switch between stores. It is reported the boy’s...


MacBook Pro 2018 can get the Intel Core i9

Despite the fact that Apple plans to release its own processors for the MacBook, the next laptop model, the company is likely to get the chip from Intel. While official...


Now the mobile version Fortnite is available to all

Hit 2018 Fortnite now you can try out all comers. No more waiting for an invitation from the developers or players. The game was tested on iOS a few weeks...


Apple and Samsung are developing transparent displays that support augmented reality

Since 2009, Apple and Samsung working on transparent display panels. Both companies have registered the appropriate patents. 9 years ago Apple patented a specialized screen that you can use when...


Fresh temporarily free app for iOS

Applications temporarily, you can get absolutely free, not much happens. Therefore, the editors MacDigger again shares useful findings. Screenshot-Webpage Screenshot Probably any iPhone owner knows how to do screen shots....


Five temporarily free iOS apps

In honor of the last Friday of March edition MacDigger gathered five temporarily free iOS apps and willing to share the collection with your readers. Vectornator Pro App Vectornator Pro...


Five great free games

Friday and the weekend is a great time to relax and devote time to his hobby mobile games. Edition MacDigger found five non-trivial applications that you can download for free!...


In “Vkontakte” appeared the App Store page

Apple is gradually expanding its presence in social networks. Recently the iPhone maker has started a page for the App Store


Released Xcode Swift Playground and 9.3 2.0

Apple updated the software for Xcode development and educational application of Swift Playgrounds.   In Xcode 9.3 Apple promised to fix a number of errors and speed up programs. It...


Update Windows, do not break the law

PC users hardly ever forget how in 2014 and 2015, Microsoft forcibly transferred all on Windows 10. The program for the transition to the new system compulsorily installed on all...

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