Tissot hit the “smart” devices and introduced a hybrid watch T-Touch Connect Solar

The Swiss company Tissot is known for its watches. She makes good mid-budget timepieces. But here's the problem: soon, smart watches will overtake ordinary watches in popularity. Not only is this a stylish accessory, it can also perform many functions. news “Smart” watches catch up with ordinary ones in popularity Ilya Kichaev September 13, 2019 […]


Older devices got iOS 12.4.2. Download!

The other day, iOS 13 was released. Without a doubt, this is an excellent operating system. Alas, not everyone can install it. Gadget owners over 5 years old are in flight. Image – @iSpeedtestOS What do owners of irrelevant iPhone and iPad do? Satisfied with iOS 12.4.1? Not necessary. At least because Apple released the […]


Fees for Apple devices rose 15%. What will happen?

The trade war between the US and China is in full swing. President of the United States Donald Trump (Donald Trump), as promised, introduced additional duties on imports of products from China. Many US companies, including Apple, will be affected by these sanctions. interesting                            Analysts: iPhone 11 is a complete failure      […]