Thing of the day: Volvo P1800 restomod

In 1963, Volvo launched the P1800. It became one of the most popular cars in the 1960s. And if now the model looks at least extravagant, then it was perceived as an example of elegance: But the classic shapes often appeal to tuners. So much so that even a special direction has appeared, called restomods […]


Thing of the day: "Tamagotchi for hackers" created by Russian enthusiast blows up Kickstarter

Russian techno-enthusiast Pavel Zhovner and his friends have created what he calls "Tamagotchi for hackers." What it is? It is a universal tool for pentesters – people who examine software and devices for hacking and intruders. This multi-tool is called Flipper Zero. It combines a radio module, a radio signal analyzer, an infrared transmitter, a […]


Thing of the day: hair growth activating laser cap

An unusual headdress has appeared on the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi Youpin. The main task of COSBEAUTY is to activate hair growth in people with alopecia. That is balding, if in a popular way. “COSBEAUTY Laser Cap” – sounds like something from a telemarket, don't you find? However, the manufacturer claims that the effectiveness of […]


Video of the day: how iPhone SE 2 lies in your hand

Did you miss the traditional iPhone design with a rectangular display with wide frames on the sides and a Home button? Then you will definitely like the heir to the iPhone SE, which, in anticipation of its announcement, first appeared on the video. interesting                            iPhone 12 lingers for several months due to […]