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What will be iPhone SE second generation? 5 options

Or Apple will strain and surprise, or again presents a practical, but boring mini-flagship. Four-inch iPhone with a top performance debuted a year and a half ago. It’s time to...


Presented a new concept of edge-to-edge iPhone SE

In September, after the presentation of Apple, the designers showed a concept iPhone SE in the style of iPhone X. Today, 20 November, their idea of what should look like...


Appeared the concept of the iMac with a separate Dock panel

Recently, the designer Louis Berger introduced the concept of the iMac, which under the Dock panel is a separate device. It is reported by Abduzeedo. With the release of iPhone...


iPhone X entered the TOP 25 discoveries of 2017 according to TIME

Time magazine made iPhone X in the list of 25 best inventions of 2017. Apple has implemented in its current flagship of the radical changes, adding the function identificat


What is common between X iPhone and smart glasses Apple

Unusual GIF created by Leo Costa shows how iPhone X can evolve into a “smart” AR glasses Apple. This concept Leo loaded in the app for 3D sketching “uMake” for...


Case 9 Nokia photo, Nokia 2 was certified in Russia

Recently Nokia 9 repeatedly became the hero of leaks and rumors. In the leaked another photo of the future flagship of the company’s Global HMD, according to gsmarena. On a...


Updates Apple patent application for flexible displays due to the growing number of rumors around the new OLED iPhone

Representatives of the publication Appleinsider has found on the website of the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States application for patent titled “Electronic devices with displays,” which confirms the...


Concept X iPhone Plus proves that more really is better

Before the start of sales of iPhone X remains less than a month, but already rumors about what iPhone will be in 2018. Hardly for someone will be a big...


For they do not like the Apple Watch. And why I will buy Watch Series 3

Paul Gorodnitsky told heavy biography of smart watches from Apple and locked: only now this gadget can be purchased without fear and false expectations. In August of 2014 about the...


The new concept iPhone X Plus with 6.4-inch display

Despite the fact that iPhone X is not out, already go a hearing on his version with a larger display. iDropNews today introduced the concept of the alleged iPhone X...


New Samsung patents: handlebar with integrated display, smart wallet and Curling TV

As reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung has received several new patents from the U.S. patent office. The company patented the design concepts, ranging from car steering wheel with built-in screens,...


Why Xiaomi will inevitably become the next Apple

Paul Gorodnitsky analyzed the latest releases of Asian companies and realized that Xiaomi chose absolutely the right strategy to capture the market. In 2014, when Xiaomi climbed to the top...


Designers showed a concept iPhone SE iPhone in style X

Designers German website CURVED/labs has introduced the concept of edge-to-edge iPhone SE. Designers have suggested that the iPhone SE will be installed 4.7-inch OLED display. Like iPhone X, iPhone edge-to-edge...


7 legendary smartphone HTC: HD2 brilliant until the final Pixel

Suffering HTC is officially over: Google paid $ 1.1 billion in exchange for employees (about 2 thousand), patents and stake Asian companies. Formally HTC will continue to make their smartphones,...


“VKontakte” will update the mobile app design

“VKontakte” plans to update the design of mobile applications. This is stated in the official company blog. The developers decided to change the navigation bar. This will create five tabs:...

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