Apple keyboard for 27 thousand rubles for the iPad Pro caused problems with charging & nbsp

Recently, Apple began selling a new Magic Keyboard for tablets, which supports all the functions of the trackpad and has keys with a “scissors” mechanism. However, with this device it was not so smooth. Apple keyboard for 27 thousand rubles for the iPad Pro caused problems with charging. According to MacRumors, many users have complained […]


Mophie Launches Wireless Car Charging Launcher

Motorists who come across a discharged battery in the winter are probably familiar with portable triggers. Mophie announced its launch device, which will not only drive the car, but also charge the smartphone. Powerstation Go is a fairly compact device, so there is a place for it in any car. As for me, it should […]


IPhone 11 has hidden reverse charging

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Note10 have an amazing feature. It's about wireless reverse charging. These smartphones can power other devices. Image from theverge.com There were similar rumors about the iPhone 11. It would be convenient to "revive" the shrunken AirPods and Apple Watch. Just put them on the back of the flagship. Alas, […]


Wireless Charging Kills iPhone Battery

Do you like iPhone wireless charging? For you – not the most pleasant news. ACS Energy experts found that what was said is harmful to the smartphone. Image from bedroomfurniture.club What's the trouble? Studies indicate the release of large amounts of heat. The induction method overheats the iPhone. interesting                            What's New in […]