Owners of Apple Card will be able to buy an iPhone in installments for two years

IPhone smartphones are not selling as well as we would like, as evidenced by Apple's quarterly financial report published last week. To stimulate iPhone sales, the company decided to make the purchase even more affordable and simple. interesting                            Apple Store will force upgrade to iOS 13                   A nightmare for users: […]


Thing of the day: “covers” for the Apple Card

For devices, Apple constantly release expensive accessories, the analogues of which are many times cheaper. And just when the Apple Card appeared, they immediately started producing all kinds of cardholders for a lot of money. Cardholder Gray Several models are available for order: a titanium card holder for $ 495, a steel holder for $ […]


Now officially: the launch of the Apple Card will be held in August

A few days ago, sources from a reputable Bloomberg publication announced that the launch of the Apple Card is scheduled for August 2019. And they were right. interesting                            macOS Mojave 10.14.6 received an additional update                   Apple again accused of slowing iPhone On the eve of a press conference on the […]


Now even grandmothers with pies will accept payment by card. Get ready to apply the smartphone for payment … to another smartphone & nbsp

They didn’t have time to get used to online cash registers and NFC payments, as the international payment system VISA offered the CIS countries a way to accept payment from bank cards directly to a smartphone. The technology was first shown during the summit of Visa Cashless 2019. According to most experts, it will replace […]