Free software from APP STORE

Sometimes in the App Store you can find interesting free programs. But it is quite possible that soon they will start to take money for them. Excellent speech recognition even with slurred diction. Another of the features: – Search for photos from your iPhone camera. – Recognition of images of objects and obtaining relevant search […]


Apple has removed the application that turns iPhone into iPod Classic from the App Store

A few days ago, the media talked about the Rewound application, with which users could turn their iPhone into iPod Classic. Soon after the app attracted so much attention, Apple decided to remove it from the App Store. interesting                            Apple will release iPhone SE in two sizes                   iPhone is the […]


Apple removes vaper apps from the App Store

Not the best news for vapers. It is reported that Apple has taken up the censorship of related applications. They are massively removed from the App Store. Image from What is unusual – Apple makes no exceptions. All programs disappear from the App Store. Even quite harmless. For example, controlling the backlight of electronic […]


Researchers found Trojan apps on the iOS App Store

The Wandera research team found 17 malicious applications on the App Store. This was reported by Forbes with reference to the website of the research group. If you are surprised to believe that I confused the Apple app store with Google Play, then no. That's right: the App Store. What applications? Wandera experts counted seventeen […]