The first photo of the new iPad Pro 2019

Rumors that this year Apple will release an iPad Pro with a triple camera have been around for a long time. Today the first photo of the new iPad has appeared on the network. The presentation of new devices should be held in October, there is no date yet. New devices will receive exactly the […]


What would I give myself after IFA 2019

The next IFA exhibition is over, this time I didn’t even have time for traditional marginal notes, but I outlined various purchases for myself! I want to share with you this invaluable information, flew! Sony NW-ZX500 I want this player for myself for only one reason: I want to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Walkman […]


                                    How many cameras will the iPad Pro 2019 have? You will not believe

There are only a few weeks left before the announcement of the iPhone 11. However, the light did not converge on the phones. Apple is also preparing to release the iPad Pro 2019. Image from What will please the new "apple" tablets? iPad Pro 2019 will be a real gift for photographers. And those […]