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TAG Heuer has released a smart watch worth $9900

It seemed that the smart watch will certainly occupy a prominent place in the market, however, the wave sleep, and their proportion was not so large, as would manufacturers. One of the directions have become hybrid devices that are still aimed at fans of the classics, but have a certain set of “smart” functions.

Almost a year ago TAG Heuer announced its first smart watch, as the sample which made by Carrera. They are called Connected and are running Android Wear. On the clock, unfortunately, was missing the inscription Swiss made, since about 30% of the components released outside of Switzerland. At the time it was presented several varieties, differing in color, made of synthetic material. Any of them cost $1500.

Recently in stock TAG Heuer appeared three varieties cost $1700, two of which received leather straps, and the third metal bracelet. Finally, crowning the lineup, the kind with a leather strap of brown color and the housing is partially made of pink gold. The manufacturer said that of 80 g the total mass of the body 39,54 g have on gold. Bezel as the more affordable varieties, made of titanium. For this model Tag Heuer Connected will have to pay almost $10 000.

C the technical side, the new variety is not different from the previously released. This means that for sapphire protection is a round LCD screen with a diameter of 1.5 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Watch is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of flash memory accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone. Their work provides a battery capacity of 410 mA * h

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It is noteworthy that the announcement of the new Tag Heuer Connected came shortly after Apple refused the luxury version of Apple Watch with a similar price tag in favor of the ceramic version for $1200.

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