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TAG Heuer did something that did not work for Apple with Apple Watch Edition

In 2014, Apple along with the usual Apple Watch models presented modification gold Apple Watch Edition cost 1.55 million rubles. Then it was difficult to tell how successful will be this project – this never occurred to me to sell the wearable computers for the price of luxury Swiss timepieces. In the end, as we know, all the power of technology and marketing saved Apple from a crushing defeat in the market of expensive watches. The company withdrew from the sale of the premium Apple Watch collection and now closes flagship boutiques selling chronometers.

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, in contrast, felt very successful sales of its first smart watch. This was told by CEO of the watch company at the International salon of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

At the end of 2015, TAG Heuer has introduced a smart watch Connected. This device costs from $1500 running Android Wear. While many experts expressed doubts about the success of such a product, since on the one hand it is positioned as a fashion, and with another — is based on controversial in many aspects of the operating system.

In the end, it turned out that TAG Heuer still very appreciated because of their brand, as the clock was more popular than expected by the manufacturer.

“The number of sold “smart” models for this month was higher than for any month since its launch the brand in November 2015 and we expect further growth, — said the representative of TAG Heuer. — The main advantage of our clock compared to other smartwatch is that they look just like mechanical watch and can be worn both at meetings and during sports activities”.

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According to the company, the sale hours have exceeded the expectations of almost three times. 14 months since the start of sales were sold 56,000 of “smart” watches, while TAG was going to sell only about 20,000.

Success, in turn, means that the company will develop this direction, so that in may we will release a new model expensive watches. While the novelty, little is known. TAG Heuer announced that the device will receive the GPS module, support the payment system, better display, more capacious battery and, like the first model, the Intel platform.

Now the company aims to implement the 150 000 reward for a smart watch, although not called the life period of the second model.

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