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Tactical strategy game XCOM 2 will be released on Mac and PC [video]

Last week, publisher 2K Games has instructed one of his players studios to develop a new game in the genre of dystopia. As it turned out, the mysterious XCOM project is 2, which is a continuation of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

According to the developers, the events of the WITCHER 2 takes place 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, released in 2012. Aliens have established total control over the Earth. The aliens are conducting propaganda work among the population, promising the inhabitants that their lives will improve if they are to undergo a procedure genetic improvement.

Unable to stop the invasion paratroopers from non-governmental organizations XCOM go underground. To put an end to the occupation called the player and the team, which he will collect. Resist the enemies they will be hard — technical base, the aliens are much stronger.

By genre XCOM 2, like the previous part, is a classic turn-based strategy. Stated about the presence of randomly generated levels and support custom modifications.

2K Games will release a new product for the PC, and Firaxis Games have entrusted porting project on the Mac. In selling the game will arrive in November of this year.

Details about the new game, the developers have promised to tell at E3 2015. It should be noted that E3 this year will be one of the most interesting in the last few years, so it makes sense to closely monitor its implementation.

Introduced in 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown — restart cycle XCOM. The first part of the strategy called UFO: Enemy Unknown was released in Europe in 1994.

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