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Tacos, unicorn and amphora on the keyboard: in the Unicode standard added more than 40 new Emoji

Organization the Unicode Consortium has published a list of new icons from the eighth edition of the Unicode 8.0). In the symbol table added about 40 new emoticons, including images of the unicorn, amphorae and tacos.

Among the features already eighth version of the popular coding standard it is worth noting the addition of 37 new and 4 updated symbol.

Unique code combinations devised for the pictograms depicting the main course Taco Bell eateries. The company supported this innovation, noting that the absence in the list of Emoji Taco in the presence of pizza and burgers — injustice.

In addition to tacos in the new standard Emoji were images of other foods (burritos, cheese, hot dog, Turkey and popcorn), sports equipment (hockey stick, tennis racket and volleyball), expressions of emotions (face with thermometer, rolled eyes, the face of “wonks” gesture “goat”) and religious symbols (synagogue, prayer beads, Kaaba, mosque, menorah).

Of course, many new symbols can be found in third-party collections. Now, however, they will be standardized, and therefore to be supported by all manufacturers of computer and mobile technology.

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