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Synaptics introduced similar technology Apple 3D Touch, which will be used in future Android flagships

The company Synaptics introduced their own similar technology of 3D Touch, which is used in the iPhone 6s, smartwatch, Apple Watch and MacBook laptops. The development, designed for smartphones running Android, called ClearForce.

Thanks ClearForce displays of smartphones can be pressed, enabling new scenarios with a mobile device. According to the manufacturer, the technology will allow you to scroll through lists, touch the display power press to adjust the scrolling speed. You can also use it to preview, in some games, when typing text messages to unlock the gadgets, resize images, line thickness when drawing, run various OS functions.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 6s testing showed that this technology significantly simplifies the user experience and enables new usage scenarios of the apparatus. With 3D Touch, you can view online content and work with it, even opening. Technology provides a lot of features in iOS 9, so that the usual user actions are more intuitive.

Apple has offered at least 25 ways to use 3D Touch displays in new smartphones.

Due to such wide possibilities of technology in the next year we can expect a large number of Android devices with support for ClearForce.

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