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Synaptics equipped with the Spacebar touch surface [video]

Synaptics presented SmartBar technology, which allows to increase the speed of typing on the keyboard. The company converted the Spacebar to touch the surface for gestural control.

Specialists Synaptics propose to equip the Space bar is the biggest key on a traditional physical keyboard optional touch surface. This will allow to extend the functionality of this button and simplify the work with the text. For example, the user can slide your finger along the touch surface to highlight text or use other gestures to scroll or zoom.

As conceived by Synaptics, the Space key can replace a mouse when editing text and, according to developers, will allow to save time. In addition, users will be able to program such a space to perform 5 more custom functions. The implementation of the specific action will depend on the contact of the finger with the surface.

When will be on sale laptops SmartBar technology, is still unknown. External keyboard with support for this feature to debut on the market later this year.

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