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Sword of Xolan – great old school platformer

If a good think and see what we are all annoying in modern platformers on mobile, the answer is, I think, is simple: control. On the sensor uncomfortable to play many pieces (fighting, say), but it was a platformer one torment – where the cost of failure is very high. Once again tapanuli – and the hero is already flying off the cliff. Missed the crossbar – all, third life lost, let’s start over. Often, the game just won’t listen to taps. In the end, short session turns into a long and painful, but fun game that can be great – no. So today we have almost a holiday and an unprecedented miracle: finally released platformer in which you play. However, the game completely and other advantages.

Sword of Xolan – thing from before last. The retro graphics are not deliberate and it looks: modern pictures in this project to be and should not. You have some bearded guy (most likely the same Xalan) that goes into a death trip with all the evil spirits. Pre-nothing is explained, but who, I ask, of you thought about the twists and turns of fate Italian plumber? Here-here.

This Xalan saves people and along the way we catch someone dropped the gold. People are longing and waiting for a Saviour in different cells (need to look), gold – lie under their feet. In the end inevitably looms the plate with the pointer, teleported to a new level, at the end of a series of tablets – the battle with the boss: a huge, terrible and awful.

Here everything is as of old. Levels moderately extensive, but simple: you can jump a little higher, or, conversely, a little deeper. But still – hardly get lost, and will not happen this situation, when the character falls off the ledge, and you hit yourself on the forehead: the whole level again to run. Sword of Xolan – game-mobile compact and neat.

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Probably due to this and creates an interesting effect – in the app is very comfortable to play. Platformers often prickly; they mock the user than pleased with it. Jump over here and now here and now on speed, and now is the time – well, good for you. Rest now and again. In Sword of Xolan is no such hero – moderately high jumps, has organized and shoots. His actions are easy to calculate; if he becomes an extension of your thoughts.
Fighting in the game is, but it is a good appendage than a feature. One button is the stroke of a sword, the second flying fireball. Rivals – zombies, flying pigs, studded snails and other vermin – dropping glasses layfbara and beautifully crumble to dust, leaving the ringing of a couple of coins falling. Gold should be selected firstly, the game inspects and fills in statistics (and it is nice to collect all, isn’t it?), secondly, there is the store.

Not kite – real money did not ask for. But domestic – will have to pay a lot. On the screen, the stack of cards, each fifteen hundred coins price. Any card gives growth to the characteristics of the well or other useful thing. Because cards are face up, you take, in fact, the cat in the bag – with the only difference being that the cat is definitely a purebred. But what there color is unknown.

The game is worth some mere pennies around the dollar. Not very clear why – in a time when some take for game port 16-year-old about 200 rubles, the creators of this cute game is limited to dumping. Even insulting – the authors have constructed one of the best platformers of the last time, and money, apparently, to earn a nice lunch at the school cafeteria. But what is it they’re definitely worthy.

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