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Switzerland will make Apple switch to micro-USB smartphones and tablets

The Swiss authorities intend in 2017 to require all smartphone manufacturers to use a single charger. Despite the fact that the characteristics of a single standard are not mentioned, we can assume that it will be micro-USB, and Apple will be obliged to abandon proprietary interface by going to the mentioned standard. When the law enters into force, the company from Cupertino will be obliged to make their products compatible with the universal charger.

According to representatives of the Swiss authorities, work on the harmonization of the standard will be quite active, including the legislative process. The maximum period for completion in mid — 2017. The main purpose of these efforts is to minimize the number of “electronic garbage”. For example, in Europe alone annually produces 51,000 tons of electronic waste.

It is obvious that the introduction of a single standard for chargers could hurt Apple. In addition to its own standard for connectors, the California giant is using the software with DRM for definition certified cables. Therefore, there is considerable doubt that Apple will decide to alter their chargers, adapting them to the requirements of the Swiss government.

Previously, a similar idea was expressed in the European Union. But in Switzerland, which is not included in European, decided to be first. Bill “Radio Equipment Directive” raises some goals in sectors such as “electronics”. So, this increased level of safety of equipment for users, reducing the probability of influence of various types of equipment to each other, and the decrease in the number of “electronic garbage”, when obsolete devices and accessories arrive EN masse in a landfill.

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By the way, this is not the first attempt to standardize charging for mobile devices. In 2009, the European Commission and the international telecommunication Union, and a group of large manufacturers have agreed that the harmonized format will be a micro-USB connector. However, Apple, iPhone and iPad selling in the tens of millions, does not comply with this agreement, although signed under him.


The Swiss government plans to oblige producers of smartphones and tablets to move towards a single standard chargers. It is worth noting that similar initiatives in the European Union. It is assumed that the transition to a single standard chargers will not only help consumers, but it will also reduce the number of “electronic garbage”. However, to ban “non-standardized” chargers still far. At this point, the authors of the bill did not set a single standard for chargers. But, apparently, it will be a micro-USB port, since this connector is used in many mobile devices.

Most from the introduction of a single standard for chargers could hurt Apple that uses in its smartphones and tablets proprietary Lightning connectors. It is assumed that in the case of the introduction of new standards Cupertino will not renounce the use of their connectors, but additionally will equip the iPhone and iPad adapter Lightning to micro-USB.

Be that as it may, the government of Switzerland and the EU will take a lot of time to prepare all necessary laws and regulations. Therefore, the law on the unification of the charging devices will not be ready before 2017.

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