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Swift Note 2: notes widget for notification Center in OS X

Earlier we wrote about the new widget Swift Note, which allows you to quickly save any information directly in notification Center OS X. Eight months later, the developer has introduced a second version of the application with a number of innovations.

The first and the most important feature of the updated app for taking notes is a function of “time Travel”. As you use the application, the user takes notes, cleans them, again writing new etc. But there are moments when you need to know what information was recorded in a week, two weeks or a month ago. Simply press the button with the clock icon and use the slider to “Travel in time”.

In the first version of many MacOS users are faced with limited space of a single sheet. This problem is solved due to the automatic scaling of text. If the user has little notes on the sheet, the text will be larger, if the notes will become larger, the text will decrease.

As for the settings, in addition to the possibility of changing colors of leaves, the opportunity to change the font of the text and displays the date of the last modification.

Now all the notes are synced through iCloud. If you have several Mac computers, it will be very useful. Also in the near future it is expected the client for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

In connection with the release of a new version of Swift Note on the app discount 50% up to August 5 inclusive. Download the app on this link.

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