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Surface Go — another slow competitor to the iPad

The journalist of Business Insider’s Matt Weinberger few days used the cheapest Microsoft Surface tablet Go. Despite the poor performance, he was satisfied.

Surface Go is a simplified version of the more powerful Surface Pro. It can run on full Windows, and its price starts from $ 399, and then there is the first drawback. According to Weinberger, Surface Go with or without a keyboard is different devices, so it is a must to buy. It costs $ 99.

However, he also inherits often causing disappointment pricing Surface Pro. The tablet costs $ 399, you still have to pay $ 99 for the Type Cover keyboard. Technically, it does not affect the use of Surface of Go, but without it it’s just another tablet.

The keyboard will have to get used to, especially if the user has large hands, as the author of Business Insider. But after a few days the keyboard will leave only positive impressions. Largely thanks to keys that work quietly, but it is nice to click.

To make a tablet cheaper, Microsoft employees had to abandon the USB-A Surface that puts the Go in par with iPad. But he’s still more ports than Apple’s tablet.

However, it has a USB type-C port for charging a Surface Connect, a headphone Jack and a slot for memory cards microSD. It’s better than nothing, especially in tablet of this size.

Weinberger used the tablet on Windows 10’s, although you can upgrade it to full Windows. Its decision he explained that Microsoft sells Surface initially Go it on Windows 10’s, which means she wants people to use this version of Windows.

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The idea of the S-mode is to provide a more robust and standalone Windows 10, but instead they can’t install apps nowhere except the Microsoft Store. This means that the tablet can install Microsoft Office, Minecraft, and even iTunes. But the store is not Google Chrome, so you have to use the Microsoft Edge. This was the biggest problem.

Keep in mind that I am using the recommended browser is Microsoft’s recommended settings Windows 10.

Opening a new tab may take a few seconds. Once the screen went black for a second when I switched to another tab. Fortunately, then it worked on the spot where I stopped. Google Documents are downloaded for a long time, and tend to work slowly.

I try to justify my expectations, because the Surface of Go is smaller, lighter and comes with less powerful processor of Intel of Pentium, unlike Surface Pro and MacBook. But when you compare it with the unmatched performance of the iPad, its closest competitor on price, it’s a big disappointment.

The journalist hopes that Microsoft will improve the performance with updates. Because of other shortcomings he sees: the display is bright and rich, the battery lasts for five hours, there is support for Surface Pen and the unlocking function in the face of Windows Hello.

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