Supreme Phone for Real Hipsters

I think that everyone knows about Supreme and the huge popularity of the brand among fashionistas. For example, I don’t like all the brand’s things, but accessories are interesting. Today, Supreme published the fall / winter 2019 catalog, where the phone turned out.

The push-button telephone is made in collaboration with Blu – the American manufacturer of mobile devices.

The model chosen is very budget: Zoey 2.4 has a 2.4-inch display, 128 megabytes of read-only memory and a microSD card slot. We will not talk about the camera.

Blu Zoey 2.4

As part of the collaboration, the phone will come out in red and black with the Supreme logo on the entire back cover. Well, branded wallpaper, where without them. The new collection, which includes this phone, will be available on August 22. Prices have not yet been announced.

If you are thinking about buying, then stay tuned for the site constantly: things are taken apart instantly, and then resold several times more expensive.

In general, there are many new accessories. Here are the most interesting in my opinion:

Buy yourself something? Or is all this entertainment for youth? Valya believes that the product is top-end:

Limited Edition.
If it costs $ 50, you can buy yourself a kilogram to go to the party. Lost – and suprim with him.

– Wylsacom on Android (@wylsacom) August 19, 2019

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