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Support Apple has released a detailed description of the Super OLED retina display X iPhone

Manual, which can be found on Apple’s official website, describes in detail how to use the Super Retina display X iPhone to extend its life.

The article focuses on the viewing angles of the screen, save image, and describes the effect of “capture images,” which occurs when a bright object did not move for a long time.

“If you look at OLED the display at an angle, you may notice a slight shift of colors and shades. This is normal for OLED panels. With constant long term use OLED display can also exhibit minor visible changes. That’s okay too” — according to Apple support.

Similar phenomena can be observed if smartphone to two people at once. Change the color and tint is not noticeable at the right angle, but becomes visible when a large deviation.

“Among the changes can be noted such effects as “residual image” or “burning”, when even after the new image appears on the screen the faint traces of the previous one. This can happen in extreme cases, for example, if the same high contrast image is displayed continuously on the display for extended periods of time. Developing OLED display, Super Retina, we have reduced the effects of “burning” to an absolute minimum,” says Apple.

To prolong the lifetime of the display, Apple advises to avoid repeatedly displaying the same bright and vivid images for a long time.

“Burning” is a common problem with OLED screens. Smartphone makers are advised to turn off the display when the gadget is not in use.

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The strongest effect of “residual image” visible on smartphones Google Pixel 2 XL. Their display uses technology called pOLED developed by LG. Gadgets Google Pixel 2 with AMOLED screens to Samsung, complaints which have not yet been.

Despite the difficult relationship between the two companies, Samsung Display is the only supplier of displays for the iPhone X.

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